Behind the Scenes at the Welland CanalControl Center
Through out the operation the Seaway makes full use of technology. From a wide area network employees are just a click away from detailed maps of the Seaway system showing vessel positions. The same computers can access detailed vessel information and statistics that would be the envy of any researcher or boatwatcher.

Behind a secure door our tour take us into the Welland Canal Control Center. The Control Center is a high tech wonder with two operators coordinating shipping traffic on video monitors and computers.  The video cameras mounted through out the canal can zoom in to read a vessel's draft or see who is in the pilot house.

Boatwatchers are familiar with the Control Center by activity heard on their scanners as vessels call "Seaway Welland". All vessel transiting the canal are required to report on Channel 14 (156.7 MHz). Unlike a Traffic Coordination Center such as Sarnia Traffic, the Control Center mandates vessel movement through the canal. The operators manage navigation from mid-Lake Ontario through the Welland Canal to Long Point in Lake Erie. They are also charged with the operation of Bridge 5, this lift bridge is controlled remotely from the center.


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