Re: Great Lakes Brewing

From: Angie
Location: Lake Orion, MI
Email: awwordynerdy at yahoo dot com
Remote Name:
Date: 07/19/10
Time: 10:21:25 AM


It is a fabulous, brewery, Dave, with excellent beers & good food at the pub. They have some seasonals, but most of the beers they sell are good examples of one of the 80-some specific types (BJCP categories) of beer. They also try to celebrate Cleveland’s history, maritime & otherwise, including a recent, pub-only brew called “Quit-ness,” that’s especially bitter, in order to mock the well-publicized leaving of a certain basketball player. =) Before that, they had a seasonal called Lake Erie Monster, & their year-round beers include the Fitz Porter (a wonderful, chocolaty porter), Commodore Perry IPA, & Burning River Pale Ale. And by the way, if folks want bottles of the Fitz Porter for their collection, it’s widely available at stores around the Great Lakes for a very reasonable price (no need to pay exorbitant fees elsewhere).


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