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------------------------------------------------------ 3275
Other names : built as CITY OF CHATHAM, renamed in 1875
Official no. : C71152
Type at loss : propeller, wood, passenger & package freight
Build info : 1872, A Robertson, Hamilton, Ont.
Specs : 132x24x12, 651g 403n
Date of loss : 1880, Nov 7 or 6
Place of loss : off Long Point, S of Prince Edward Bay, Ont.
Lake : Ontario
Type of loss : storm
Loss of life : 14 or 16
Carrying : wheat and flour
Detail : Bound Toronto for Montreal, she opened her seams and foundered in a storm, apparently very quickly. Her skipper, the famous Capt. Zealand, had saved for his entire career to purchase and rebuild her prior to the accident. He was lost with her. The vessel was a loss of $43,000.
Salvagers found her hull W of Nicholson Isl. while searching for the tug PALMER in 1890.
Burned at her dock at Hamilton, Ont, in Jun, 1873, nearly to a toal loss.
Rebuilt, 1879
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------------------------------------------------------ 3276
Other names : none
Official no. : 28129
Type at loss : propeller, steel, bulk freight
Build info : 1895, Chicago Shipbuilding, Chicago
Specs : 388x48x23, 3850g 3429n
Date of loss : 1916,
Place of loss : Hammond Bay, Straits of Mackinac
Lake : Huron
Type of loss : storm
Loss of life : none
Carrying : ?
Detail : She sank in a storm. Initially declared a total loss, but later was recovered and lasted until 1947.
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------------------------------------------------------ 4050
Other names : none
Official no. : none
Type at loss : schooner, wood
Build info : 1857, D. M. O'Connor, (Buffalo?)
Specs : 368 t. [om]
Date of loss : 1858, Oct 8
Place of loss : on Pt. Betsie
Lake : Michigan
Type of loss : storm
Loss of life : none
Carrying : 16,000 bu corn
Detail : This schooner was caught in a storm, driven ashore and wrecked, a total loss. The crew clung to the hulk for three days until they were able to make it to shore and report her loss. She had been three days out of Chicago, bound for Buffalo.
Owned by E. K. Bruce, Buffalo
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------------------------------------------------------ 4134
Other names : none
Official no. : none
Type at loss : schooner, wood
Build info : 1808, Cleveland*
Specs : 45 t.
Date of loss : 1820, Oct (10)
Place of loss : ca. 12 mi E of Ashtabula, Oh
Lake : Erie
Type of loss : storm
Loss of life : 10 to 12 [all]
Carrying : salt, general merchandise,passengers
Detail : Bound Ashtabula for Sandusky, she was driven down the lake and came ashore near the Pennsylvania/Ohio line. All aboard persihed.
*Reportedly the first vessel uilt at Cleveland.
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------------------------------------------------------ 3277
Other names : built as prop EDWARD SMITH, renamed in 1900
Official no. : 136106
Type at loss : propeller, wood, bulk freight
Build info : 1890, F. Wheeler, W. Bay City hull# 67
Specs : 201x37x13, 748g 583n
Date of loss : 1926, Aug 29
Place of loss : Whitefish Bay
Lake : Superior
Type of loss : storm
Loss of life : none
Carrying : limestone
Detail : She began to leak in a summer storm. She coasted in a circle as the crew gathered what belongings they could, then rolled over and sank while steamer WILLIAM B. SCHILLER stood by to take off her people, with help from the U.S. Coast Guard.
Wreck located in 1975.
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------------------------------------------------------ 3278
Other names : none
Official no. : C none
Type at loss : sidewheel steamer, wood
Build info : 1854, L. Shickluna, Niagara, Ont.
Specs : 200x28x9, 475 t.
Date of loss : 1863, Aug 21
Place of loss : Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ont.
Lake : Ontario
Type of loss : fire
Loss of life : 2
Carrying : ?
Detail : Caught fire at about 2 a.m. and burned to total destruction alongside her dock. The destruction by fire was nearly complete, even the engine and boiler being damaged beyond repair after falling through the hull.
She was a crack steamer, considered the fastest on western Lake Ontario. She was valued at 15,000 when built.
Rebuilt in 1856 at Oswego.
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------------------------------------------------------ 3279
Other names : none
Official no. : 28021
Type at loss : propeller steam tug, wood
Build info : 1861, B.B. Jones, Milwaukee
Specs : 97x20x8, 117g 80nt
Date of loss : 1881
Place of loss : in Canadian waters
Lake : unreported
Type of loss : wrecked
Loss of life : ?
Carrying : ?
Detail : No detail.
Document surrendered at Port Huron, Nov 30, 1881. Wrecker Capt. P. Williams reportedly purchased her in May of 1881 to remove her machinery for sale.
Wrecked and sunk by a boiler explosion near the outlet of Lake St. Clair on May 25, 1862, with the loss of 4 lives. Her wreckage was struck by several vessels including the prop CHICAGO, before she was raised a few weeks later. Totally rebuilt and enlarged afterwards.
Major repairs in 1870.
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