VESSELS IN PORT Detroit Free Press
December 10, 1854
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Navigation is pretty much closed up for this season. The weather has been more severe both for wind and cold than it has been for several seasons at this timeof the year. Vessels are mostly stripped, and all are being prepared to sleep out the winter. We do not hear of any that think of going out again, although small coasters may be tempted to risk it. Clement's steamers came in for Milwaukie Wednesday night, and will now lay up. - Some propellers are still talking of returning around if a fair spell comes up soon, but we doubt whether they will undertake it. The following is a list of all the vessels in this port yesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock:

STEAMERS - Arctic, Traveler, Kossuth, Pacific, Cleveland and Columbia.

PROPELLERS - Michigan, Prairie State, Nile, K. H. Foss, Follett, Eclipse, Wisconsin, Sun, Ottawa, P.W. Gates, Franklin and Troy.

BARQUES - Ocean Wave, of Chicago; Octavia, do; Chieftain, of Cleveland; Nucleus, of Detroit.

BRIGS - St. Louis, of Chicago; Orleans, do; Mary, do; M. Billiard, do; Robt. Hollister, do; Sandusky, do; F. C. Clark, do; D. Smart, do; A. R. Cobb, do; Enterprise, do; Minnesota, do; C. B. Blair, do; Belle, do; Algoma, do; Geneva, do; C. G. Deschler, of Cleveland; Ontario, of Racine; J. McBride, of Detroit; Allegheny, of Erie; Fashion, of Buffalo.

SCHOONERS - Roanoke, of Chicago; E. G. Grey, do; Crescent, do; Speed, do; Welland, do; Liverpool, do; Andromeda, do; Triumph, do; Globe, do; Buena Vista, do; Lady Jane, do; Racine, do; Ashtabula, do; G. F. Foster, do; Blue Bell, do; L. P. Hilliard, do; Reindeer, do; John Lillie, do; Aster, do; Atrill, do; Home, do; Arrow, do; Oconto, do; C. Walker, do; Citizen, do; Temperance, do; Gem, do; Henrietta, do; Levant, do; G. R. Roberts, do; Hero, do; Mary G. Bonesteel, do; C. G. Drew, do; N. C. Walton, do; Honest John, do; H. Norton, do; Maine, do;

E. Henderson, do; Maid of the Woods, do; Elbe, do; Industry, of Michigan City; J. E. Wallace, do; Geo. Hansen, do; Saranac, of St. Joseph; J. E. Sutherland, do; H. U. King, do; Tempest, of Milwaukie; Rover, do; Robt. H. Campbell, do; Ole Bull, do; L. N. Rockwell, do; Knickerbocker, do; Baltic, of Racine; Amelie, do; Erie, do; Two Charlies, of Waukegan; Dexter, do; Chas. Howard, do; Pilot, of Manitowoc; Navigator, of Kalamazoo; H. Clay, of Muskegon; Forester, do; Muskegon, do; Windham, of Grand Rapids; Vermont, of Grand Haven; Warren, do; Michigan Belle, do; Telegraph, do; Alnwick, of Detroit; Abigail, do; Ocean, do; Phalarope, of Cleve; Rocky Mountain, do; Gen. Scott, do; H. N. Gates, do; Pilot, of Ashtabula; Telegraph, of Conneaut; Venus, of Holland; Yucotas, do; Excelsior, of Buffalo; Aldebaran, do; Fashion, do; Arkansas, of Sacketts; Maj. Kirby, do; Saratoga, of Oswego; Belle Sheridan, do; J. E. Shaw, do; Fisher, of Grass Isle; Spartan, of Fairport; Oneida Chief, of Clayton; France, of Rochester.

SLOOPS - Ranger and Wild Duck.

Steamers 6
Propellers 12
Barques 4
Brigs 20
Schooners 91
Sloops 2

The total number in port at this time exceeds that of a year ago by seventeen, but subsequent arrivals brought the number wintering here to one hundred and thirty - four. - Chicago Press, 8th.

NOTE: The comparisons with the previous year do not jibe exactly with the published list of 1853, previously posted.