354 Year-Old Ancient Mariner Detroit Free Press
July 17, 1902
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What is stated to be the oldest ship in the world has recently been sold at Teneriffe* to be broken up. This is the Italian ship Anita, registered at the port of Genoa. The Anita, which resembles Christopher Columbus' ship the Santa Maria, was built at Genoa in 1548 and effected her last voyage at the end of March, 1902, from Naples to Teneriffe, six or seven weeks ago. The Anita was of tremendously stout build and had weathered countless storms and tornadoes in all parts of the world; but, says the Shipping World, of London, it was also the slowest ship afloat, taking 205 days on one voyage from Baltimore to Rio de Janeiro.**

*Canary Islands **About 23 miles per day or less than 1 mile per hour, on average