Registration chicanery Detroit Free Press
Nov. (exact date obscured), 1885
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The barges Scotland, England, and Ireland, recently raised at Ferry Point, near Belleville, Ont., were built in 1870 by Chaffee Brothers and afterwards bought by Page & Co., who owned the Eagle Mills at Belleville and Capt. T. Dobbie, of Oswego. The barges were used four or five years carrying lumber to Oswego. Page & Co. became insolvent in 1875, and Capt. Dobbie scuttled the vessels to save them. The title was in Wm. Jones' name, as the real owners were all Americans and could not own a Canadian hull at that time. In 1881 Dobbie put the barges in Job Lingham's name, but Job never knew he owned them until this month. The barges are hardwood and are as good as ever. They were sold for $1,000 to Paradis, of Sorel, Que.