ANOTHER NEW FREAK Detroit Free Press
July 12, 1903
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Chicago, July 11. - One of the queerest steamers ever operated on the great lakes was given its trial trip out of St. Joseph today. The vessel is the Willow, built to run the St. Joseph river between Berrien Springs and Cook's Landing, where no steamers have yet been able to operate because of shallow water. The new boat is 60 feet long and 12 feet beam, is said to be the only boat in the United States built on the plan adopted by British naval engineers for use in the Nile river. The vessel has an attachment overhanging her stern and dipping into the water, which when her twin screws are in operation, tends to raise the stern and lessen the draught of the boat.

The Willow is licensed for 150 passengers and will carry fifteen tons of freight, but draws less than two feet of water.