August 29, 1878
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The Cleveland Herald of Wednesday says: The schooner Col. Cook was sold at auction this morning from the custom house steps to Mr. P. Smith, for $3,140. The vessel was started at $1,000 and ran gradually up to the above named sum, and although there was quite a crowd gathered around, the bidding was confined to three or four prominent vessel owners, among which were Mr. Pennington and Mr. Laruder. The latter bid up over $3,100. There is a kindly feeling toward Capt. Deott, and much sympathy expressed for him in the misfortune that required him to give up the vessel. There were several parties, and among them one Scott, who made themselves conspicuous in trying to injure the sale by reporting the vessel in bad condition, and otherwise trying to influence the sale. The amount obtained will cover all admiralty claims, with a margin to apply upon mortgages. The Col. Cook was built in 1865* at Oswego. She was repaired in 1872, and is of 250 tons burthen and rates A2. Under the name of the Augusta she collided near Chicago with the steamer Lady Elgin, on the Fourth of July some years ago,** on which occasion there were very many lives lost, it being one of the worst accidents that ever happened on the lakes. The actual purchasers of the Col. Cook were Louis J. Smith and James A. Smith, sons of Patrick Smith.

*actually 1855
** actually September 7, 1860