June 16, 1902
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Revealed Danger When Only A Few Hundred Feet Apart

Were Running Under Check During a Very Dense Fog

Passengers Profuse In Praise of City of Alpena's Crew

Alpena, June 15. - (Special.)
A flash of lightning last night probably prevented a collision between the D. & C. steamer City of Alpena, bound from Cheboygan to Alpena, and an unknown liner bound up. A dense fog hung over the lake; passengers say searchlights could hardly be distinguished the length of the boat.

A flash of lighning disclosed the two boats, going directly toward each other, only a few hundred feet apart. The boats were running under check and the passengers say a collision was narrowly averted, the boats passing only a few feet apart.

About twenty-five passengers got off the boat here. They say the Alpena had to come to a full stop twice on the way down, and they are loud in their praise of the boat's crew.

General passenger agent Schantz, of the D. & C. line, said thet the City of Alpena's captain reported a heavy fog nearly all the way down, and that the boat came under check a greater portion of the way.