Who’s Who in Lakes
commerce, 1849
Detroit Free Press,
March 31, 1849
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This list is almost a Who’s Who of American Great Lakes shipping of mid-century, with many names lake history buffs will recognize.

Steamboat Lines and Appointments for the Season of 1849.

We give below the various steamboat lines running in the Chicago trade, and to different points from this city, for which we are indebted for much of the information, to the Buffalo Express. We have endeavored to give the boats from this city in the river trade and the smaller ports, as correct as possible:

The Chicago Line is composed of the following magnificent steamers:

The Empire State, new last season, and the largest boat on the Western waters. M Hazard, captain; S Chamberlin, 1st officer; Whaley, 1st engineer; N Moore, 2nd do; Goodrich, clerk; Baker, steward.

The Niagara, well and favorably known to the traveling public. W T Pease, master; John Leonard, engineer; Healy, clerk; Carpenter, steward.

The Key Stone State, entirely new and of the largest class. Thos. Richards, master; Wm. Stone, mate; Thompson, engineer; Frank Parmelee, clerk; N Emerson, steward.

The Louisiana - Wm. Davenport, master; John Miles, engineer; J Barton, clerk; H Nottingham, steward.

The Sultana - G Appleby, master; J Weishuhn, mate; Lockwood, engineer; John Taylor, clerk; W Blossom, steward.

The St. Louis - F S Wheeler, master; W Kennedy, mate; Gilbert, engineer; Mott, clerk; T T Bloomer, steward.

The Albany - C L Gager, master; Bradley, clerk; Wesley, steward; W. Magee, engineer.

The A. D. Patchin - H Whittaker, master; Newell, mate; Williams, clerk; Hathaway, engineer.

The Superior - D Wilkinson, master; officers probably same as last year.

The Great Western - C H Whittaker, master; Bancroft, mate; Brooks, clerk.

The Globe - Robinson, master; Watkins, clerk; other officers probably same as last year.

The Nile - Blake, master; Pierce, steward; other officers as last year.

The Central Rail Road Line to Chicago

Comprises the following beautiful and most excellent boats, which are ready to run by the American shore.

The Empire - H Randall, master; other officers unknown.

The Baltic - C H Ludlow, master, Forman, mate; John Beals, clerk; Brown, steward.

The Hendrick Hudson - J Imson, master; Bond, mate; Cook, engineer; Newman, clerk; Corbett, steward.

The Saratoga - Stanard, master; Stillman, mate; John Wilson, steward.

The Oregon - Chapman, master; Beaugrand, mate; J J Chase, steward; Munson, clerk.

North or Canada Shore.

The May Flower - a new and beautiful boat, H. Van Allen, master; Caverly, 1st officer; Nelson, steward; S Newhall, 1st engineer; G W Reed, 2nd do; other appointments not known.

The Atlantic - Clement, master; other appointments not known.

The Canada - G. Willoughby, master.

Buffalo and Sandusky Line

The Queen City - T J Titus, master; John Richards, 1st officer; Hinton, engineer; Sandford, clerk.

The America - D Howe, master; G Bartholemew, 1st officer; other officers probably the same as last year.

The Alabama - new - Perkins, master.

Buffalo and Toledo Line

The G. P. Griffith - A. T. Kingman, master; Nash, mate; Stebbins, engineer; C. Walker, clerk; Wormley, steward.

The Ohio - Capron, master; other appointments probably the same as last season.

The Troy - Wilkins, master; other officers as last season, probably.

The Rochester - Lundy, master; other officers not known.

The Gen. Harrison - Wolcott, master.

Buffalo, Toledo and Monroe Line

The Southerner - J L Edmunds, master.

The Franklin - E L Huff, master.

The Chautauque - Rosman, master.

The Lines From Detroit.

The Arrow - S F Atwood, master; daily trips to Sandusky.

The John Owen - Ira Davis, master; to Toledo.

The John Hollister - S Dustin, master; to Toledo

The Franklin Moore - S Gallagher, master; to Port Huron

The Telegraph - Ira Abbott, master; to Port Huron

The Brothers - W Eberts, master; to Chatham and Malden

The Hastings - McEven, master; to Chatham

The Woolcott - Brooke, master; to Wallaceburg, C.W.

The St. Clair - J Raymond, master; to St. Clair Flats.

The Romeo - Wm Wyld, master; St. Clair Flats.

The Albion - Chas Carey, master; Mt. Clemens.

The Benjamin Franklin - C Benjamin, master; Sault Ste Marie

The Tecumseh - John Martin, master; Sault Ste Marie.

The Columbia - E Ward, master; Sault Ste Marie and Mackinac.

Other Lines Formed.

The Detroit - Buntlin, master; New Buffalo and Chicago

The Pacific - Brown, master; New Buffalo and Milwaukee

The Sam Ward - New Buffalo and Milwaukee.

The Champion - Grand Haven and Milwaukee.

The Bunker Hill and Milwaukie are to run between Sandusky and Detroit.

The Michigan - Stewart, master, will run between Buffalo, Green Bay and Chicago.

The Lexington - G. Randall, master, is chartered for the season, to freight stone for the new Light House, to be constructed in the Straits of Mackinaw, near where the old Light Ship has been stationed.

The London - Bawbee, master, will run between Buffalo and Port Stanley, C. W.

The Emerald - Young, master, will run on the Niagara river, between Buffalo and Chippewa, C.W.

The Cleveland - Sheppard, master, will run on the river, between Buffalo and Tonawanda, for the towing of vessels up the rapids.