Old warship sailed again Detroit Democratic Free Press
June 28, 1837
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THE BRITISH BARGE DETROIT - This vessel which was sunk during the last war at Erie, and raised by Capt. Miles, is now lying at the wharf in this city. Very little alteration has been made, her hull, cabins, &c., remain as they were. There is still to be seen on board of this vessel, an eighteen-pound ball, lodged in her starboard side, just under the deck and opposite the foremast, which attracts a good deal of attention. - Cleveland Adv.
ibid., July 13, 1837

The barque Detroit, once a british vessel of war, is now in port. She belonged to the fleet captured by the brave Perry, and was sunk for preservation many years ago, at Presque Isle. She was raised last season and has been fitted up for the trade of the uper (sic) lakes. - Buf. Star.

Detroit Daily Advertiser, September 28, 1839

BARQUE DETROIT - The gale having kept many of our lake craft in port, the opportunity was taken of the circumstance to summon several of the masters to sit in judgement of the barque Detroit. She was condemned yesterday. Just after the verdict of condemnation was rendered, Capt. Wilkeson, of the Com. Perry, a gallant, true-hearted sailor, and who also distinguished himself in the last war, recalled to the remembrance of those present, the fact that just 26 years before to a day, and almost to a minute, the vessel they had condemned, hauled down the British ensign and surrendered to Perry in the battle of Lake Erie. The Detroit was one of the British squadron, and for many years after that battle was sunk. Some two or three years since she was raised, refitted as a merchantman, and though carrying in her timbers many messages sent the 10th of September, 1813, has done good service. Her condemnation on the anniversary of that day is a curious coincidence.

Buffalo Com.

This vessel was built at Amherstburg, Ont., in 1813, and figured prominently in the "Battle of Lake Erie," at Put-in-Bay. Captured as a prize, she was allowed to sink in Misery Bay.