Dec 26, 1857
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The following is an extract from the report of the Light-house Board:

"The tenth district embraces the St. Lawrence and Niagara rivers, and Lakes Ontario and Erie. The beacon at Cattaraugus Creek, Lake Erie, the beacon light at Erie, and the light-house at Black River, Ohio, have been rebuilt. The beacon at Huron, Ohio, will be completed this season, also the work of placing a fog-bell in the Buffalo light-house, and the rebuilding of the Grassy Island light-house in Detroit river. All the light-houses in this district bear evidence of bad construction and material. The entire buoyage of the district is completed.

"The eleventh district embraces Lakes St. Clair, Huron, Michigan, Superior, Green Bay, and tributaries. The light-house at Traverse, or Charity Island*, Michigan, has been built, and that at Taylorsport received and lighted. The lights at Eagle River, LaPointe, and at Portage River, have been rejected for non-conformity to contract. It is feared that the one at Minnesota Point, head of Lake Superior, will not be completed this season. Extensive repairs have been made at various stations. No steps have been taken in regard to the new light-houses authorized by Congress, except to visit the sites. For that on the pier at Chicago, however, the iron-work has been contracted for and nearly completed, the materials collected, and the structure is expected to be completed by the end of August, 1858."

*Saginaw Bay