December 28, 1856
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The ship-building interests both at this and other ports around the lakes seem to be in a very prosperous condition, and there is a large amount of tonnage already on the stocks, and numerous contracts are not yet concluded. On the whole, we believe, the amount of new tonnage to come out on the opening of navigation will be fully equal to that of last spring.

At Bidwell & Banta yard there is one steamer of 2,000 tons burthen building for the Michigan Southern Railroad line, and to run between this city and Toledo, in connection with the Western Metropolis and Southern Michigan; one steamer of 800 tons burthen, which they are building on their own account; one tug of 200 tons for a gentleman residing at Chippewa; and four schooners of 400 tons each, for H. C. Walker, and intended for the Lake Navigation Company. Total tons at this yard now on the stocks, 4,800. They also have two or three contracts not yet decided upon.

At F. N. Jones' yard there are three propellers on the stocks of 700 tons each, building for Dean Richmond & Co. These three propellers, with the four building by Luther Moses of Cleveland and two by Peck & Masters, of the same port, for Dean Richmond & Co., are for a line of first-class propellers to run between this port and Chicago and Milwaukee, in connection with the New York Central Railroad. - These propellers, with the four built last fall for the same parties, will make no less than thirteen propellers running in connection with and controlled by the Central Railroad.

F. N. Jones is also building three schooners of 400 tons each for the Lake Navigation Company, and one of 400 tons for Morse & Johnson, of this city, and one tug of 150 tons, making the total tons at his yard 3,850.

B. B. Jones, at his yard, is building three sail vessels of 300 tons each for H. M. Mixer, and intended for the Lake Navigation Company.

D. O'Connor is building at his yard three propellers of 350 tons each, for Fitzhugh & Littlejohn, of Oswego, and two schooners of 350 tons each for E. K. Bruce.

VanSlyke, Notter & Co. are building two propellers of 350 tons each for Fitzhugh & Littlejohn, of Oswego.

It will be seen that this list includes two steamers of 2,800 tons; eight propellers of 3,850 tons; two tugs of 350 tons, and thirteen sail vessels of 4,800 tons - making a total tonnage now on the stocks at this port of 11,800 tons. - This amount will probably be increased before spring to 15,000.

The following list will show the rig, name and tonnage of vessels built at this port during 1856:

Steamer Western Metropolis, 1,800. Propellers Mineral Rock, 555 tons; Adriatic, 595; Tonawanda, 822; Neptune, 675; Ontontagon, 560; Wabash Valley, 592; Free State, 580; Acme, 762; Euphrates, 575; Orontes, 575; Araxes, 575; New York, 650. Tugs E. P. Dorr, 375; Walter McQueen, 130; Geo. H. Notter, 175; Salvor, 375. Schooners Storm King, 380; Racer, 377; Correspondent, 294; Resolution, 294; W. H. Hibbard, 294; Kate Hayes, 349; C. N. Johnson, 368; Rapid, 260; Hiawatha, 308; San Jacinto, 375; Rival, 403; Nicaragua, 314; S. H. Lothrup 314; Goldfinch, 384; Ostrich, 350; Wm. Fiske, 400; Granada, 312; Bohemian, 327; Messenger, 353; Lancaster, 402; Live Yankee, 260; Charmer, 218; Huntress, 350; Athenian, 330; Circassian, 350; Millard Fillmore, 385; A. J. Rich, 380; Minnie Kinne, 310; Kate L. Bruce, 310; Game Cock, 290.

Included in the above are 1 steamer of 1,800 tons; 12 propellers of 7,486; 4 tugs of 1,085 tons, and 30 schooners of 10,041 tons - making a total of 20,382 tons. - Buff. Courier, 27th.