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  Mail to:
Mary Ann Schallip
17592 Simonsen Rd. Neebish Island
Barbeau, MI 49710

Name: ______________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________

City: _______________________________________________

State/Province: _____________________________

Postal Code: _______________________________


Phone: (___)___________

Number of tickets: ___________ tickets are $5.00 (US) each

Amount Enclosed: ___________

Drawing January 13, 2010


Raffle Rules and Regulations

1. Winners shall be responsible for any taxes due on the prizes
2. Winners shall comply with all company rules and regulations regarding guests while aboard the Manistee.
3. Winners shall be responsible for any and all transportation to and from the embarking and disembarking points on of the Manistee.
4. GLCA and International Ship Masters Association shall not be held responsible for events on the Manistee.
5. Winners shall obey any regulations regarding secure areas of the ship while on board.
6. Winning ticket is not transferable.
7. No refund or monetary compensation will be made if winners are unable to use the winning tickets.
8. Must be 18 years or older.

All Guests must have a valid Passport and be physically able to negotiate stairways and ladders.

Departure port and dates will be coordinated with the winner.


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