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1. How often do you visit the Boatnerd site? Other
2. How much time do you spend on average when
    visiting the Boatnerd site?
3. How long have you been viewing the Boatnerd site?
4. Why do you visit the Boatnerd site?
5. What pages do you visit most often?
    Choose all that you regularly visit.
Main Page
News Page
Vessel Passage Page
Photo Galleries
Where to Buy
Information Search
Calendar of Events
Facts and Figures
Live Chat

6. What do you use the Boatnerd Site for?
    Please check all that apply
Find information on shipping
Find shipping related merchandise
Read the latest news
Find local events
View pictures
Meet and interact with others interested in shipping

Business related use
7. Do you subscribe to the weekly e-mail updates? Yes No
8. Is the Boatnerd site your home page? Yes No
9. How often do you print content from Boatnerd?
    After printing what do you use the information for? Keep for reference Show to others
    Please check all that apply
Your Interest
1. What subjects are you interested in?
    Please choose all that apply
Cruise Ships
Related Travel
Ship operations-technical

Model building
Coast Guard
Locks and Canals
Environmental Quality

2. How long have you been interested in Shipping?
3. How did you become interested in Shipping?
4. Do you share your interest with the following
    Please check all that apply
  Family Friends Club Members Co-workers
5. What other hobbies are you interested in?
    Please choose all that apply
Home Improvements
Use of page
1. Of the links and banners shown on the main page,
    how many do you click on and follow the links?
2. Of the banner ads at the top of other pages on the
    site, how many do you click on and follow the links?
3. After seeing a banner ad or link what type of action
   have you taken?
   Please choose all that apply
Purchased a product
Ordered by mail or phone
Printed for reference
Shopped for a product or service
Requested more information
Added to Favorites or Bookmarks
4. In an average year how much do you spend on
    hobby related merchandise?
5. What type of merchandise do you buy?
    Please check all that apply
Books Videos Pictures Memorabilia Art work
Models     Other:
6. Have you ever made a purchase of any goods or
    services online?
 Yes No       
1. Each year how much time do you spend on vacation?
    How much of your vacation is spent in the Great Lakes
2. How much time do you spend traveling for work?
3. When you travel, where do you typically stay?
4. What percentage of your vacation includes time for
    hobby related activities?
5. In an average year how much do you spend on travel?
6. Have you ever taken a cruise? Yes No  
7. Are you interested in?                                Full service cruise (lasting a multiple days) on or off the lakes
    Please choose all that apply                       Day cruises and tour boats Private charters
8. Do you own a boat?      yes no      (If no please move to question 1 of the Photography section)
     if Yes, what type?     Size?      Year Built?
     Do you enjoy (please check all that apply) Cruising Racing Day trips Fishing
     In an average year how much do you spend on your boat? 
1. What type of photographer would you consider your
2. What type of camera(s) do you use? 35mm Video Advantix   Other:
3. Each year, how much of each type of film do you
Color negative
Color Slide
Clubs and Subscriptions
1. Do you belong to any historical groups or hobby
    related clubs?
Yes No     If yes how many:
2. Do you subscribe to Great Lakes related Magazines
    or newsletters?
Yes No
If Yes, what type?    Shipping Hobby Newsletter Boating Regional Magazine    Other:
(check all that apply)
Note: All information is confidential and will be grouped into general categories (i.e.: Canada Steamship Lines would be grouped as Shipping)
1. Type:
2. Company or Agency Name:
3. Job title:
4. How much spending (in dollars) do you typically
    authorize for your company each year?
5. How much of that is spent online?
6. If involved in the shipping industry what segment?
1. Gender Male Female
2. Age
3. Education
4. Annual house hold income
5. Home
6. Marital Status
7. Do you have Children Yes  No
8. Have you ever written a government representative
    about issues that concern you?
Yes  No
1. Country Other
2. State or Province Other
3. City
4. Zip Code or postal code
5. The first three digits of your phone number
    (not area code xxx-123-xxxx)
6.  Additional comments or suggestions for this survey


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