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Photos of towing the mid-section across the Atlantic.

From the Fokko Visser collection


December 1960 - February 1961

This historic photo album documents the trip across the Atlantic by the tug Zeeland with a mid-section in tow. The mid-section in these photos maybe of the one used for the Leon Falk Jr. The website these came from, Auke Visser's Famous T - Tankers Pages, has the story of their crossing in Dutch. From a rough translation, the tow left Schlieker-Werft Shipyard in Hamburg, Germany in December 1960 for Baltimore. The tug Nestor assisted the tow while crossing the North Sea and English Channel. Because of many storms on the Atlantic, the tow went south to the Azores and then across to Bermuda. Finally reaching Baltimore in February 1961. During the crossing, the weather was bad with wind force 8 to 10.

It is stated that this is the second hull (#555) towed across the Atlantic that would be for the Paul H. Carnahan. Since the destination for this tow was Baltimore where the Falk was converted and was made in early 1961, I believe this is the third tow (hull #556).

If you have any information regarding these photos, please e-mail, subject: "Historical Perspectives"


The tug Zeeland.

Zeeland at the dock in Hamburg ready to begin the tow.

Close up of the hull.

View from on deck of the mid-section.

Departing Hamburg.

Tug Nestor coming along side during the tow.

Exchanging crew members while underway.

Close up of the hull during the tow.

Another angle.

Encountering rough seas.

The hull disappearing from view behind a large wave.

While off Bermuda the US Coast Guard cutter Castle Rock checks in on the tow.


If you have any information regarding these photos, please e-mail, subject: "Historical Perspectives"

Last updated: May 25, 2014.

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